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are we growing up or just going down

it's just a matter of time until we're all found out

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Name:a ph.d in troublemaking
Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:Siren's Port, Canada

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annoying friends, art, bad handwriting, beating edgey at origami, being innocent of murder, being the steel samurai, brb being your "knight", burning bridges, chasing women, childhood stories, cindy stone, climbing down chimneys, costumes, dating, desiree delite, dick gumshoe, drawing, early summer rain jab!, edgey, elise deauxnim, finishing junior high, flying people, franziska von karma, friends, getting bailed out, getting psyche-locked, getting whipped, girls, group pictures, helping friends, inspiration, interesting things, iris, iron infant, kiyance, ladies, listening to the radio, losers' shack, love, maya fey, mia fey, miles edgeworth, mindy, miranda, miranda's punches, my bffs the lawyers, naomi, naomi's slaps, nick, origami, painting, pearl fey, phoenix wright, romance, samurai dogs, sculpting, sketching, stale potatoes, steel samurai, steel samurai sushi slice!, sticking up for friends, suzuki, testifying, the thinker, whiplash splash, whippity-whip trip, wishing for cute assistants, women, writing fail blackmail letters, writing fail love letters
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