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Player: Auste
Contact: [ profile] auste
Age: 27
Current Characters: Nora Valkyrie (RWBY)


Character: Larry Butz
Age: 25
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: After Ace Attorney Investigations 2

Background: A smelly Wiki page

Personality: Larry Butz is hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless. He always has some new girlfriend who would later break up with him. After all, with his unwavering loyalty, uncontrollable impulse and clumsy naivete, it's most likely very easy to take advantage of him and then leave him behind when he is no longer entertaining. And when that happens, he breaks down into a sobbing, ranting mess...and eventually moves on to find a new girl. Then he'll be over the moon with his new woman, think that they have something between them, and the cycle repeats itself as Larry is devastated once more after a temporary fling that had been too temporary for his taste. He's an emotional rollercoaster, raving about something good one moment and then whining about being accused for murder (when he's not). For example, he constantly takes note of his best friends' perceived "good luck" with the ladies; they have young female assistants tagging along with them on their cases, and their escapades as lawyers lets them meet interesting women along the way.

It's not just romantic relationships he goes crazy over. Larry will trip all over his own feet to follow his friends and do whatever it takes to help them, although it takes one slip of the tongue or a misinterpretation of something you just said for him to start asking if you really are friends with him. But he strives to do his best - even when he knows that trouble is close by (and usually he doesn't). However, he can be very hesitant to divulge important information due to various reasons - others may not believe him, or it's just too embarrassing and may cost him dearly. Sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion - or even spiritual magic - to get him to just talk when he's put on the hot seat. Or, perhaps he just forgets that easily.

His boyish nature contributes greatly to his extreme moods; he's a bit of a klutz who leaps before looking and is quick to jump to conclusions. It can take a while to get used to his train of thought, which is prone not only to derailment but also to insane turns that only he can make - and is powered by the insatiable desire to prove himself a reliable asset to anyone's circle of friends, or perhaps to show that he is a boyfriend worth keeping. It sounds like an ordinary driving force...until you find out that Larry has once tried to get a girl's attention by writing her a fake blackmail letter, and even forgot to add a salutation. In short, when he sees something - or someone - he likes, he is very determined to reach the finish line, even if he does use unconventional (but legal and well-meaning?) methods. And yet...that doesn't stop him from being prone to bouts of spacing out and general cluelessness. Maybe he shouldn't have stopped at graduating from junior high.

But he's still proud of that fact and the things he can do (or thinks he can do). Though he'll rant about how he really IS a walking contradiction every now and again, it doesn't take long for him to pick himself up again and continue on his merry way, especially when he realizes that though his friends may seem distant at times and even unreasonable (though most of the time they don't mean to and are just being realistic, because Larry's way of thinking tends to deviate from the realistic), they're still around for him, whether they mean to or not.

Small wonder, then, that ever since they were kids, "when something smells, it's always the Butz". Phoenix and Edgeworth know it like a personal mantra and know enough to steer away from the source of trouble (even if he finds them anyway) - or to steer the source away from the trouble. But trouble or no trouble, Larry hardly changes, and remains always the cheerful but somewhat oblivious man eager to put a smile on anyone's face, and who just wants to be loved - or at least, appreciated.

Abilities: Larry is 100% human, and has no notable powers to speak of, unless you count his uncanny ability to get into trouble whenever he appears, which should be counted as a supernatural power.

Kidding aside, though often deemed a nuisance by his peers, Larry does try to do whatever he can to help his friends (although he'll get discouraged easily when he gets the vibe that they don't want him around - and that vibe is not uncommon considering his track record). His unwavering loyalty and persistence are assets...and sometimes, drawbacks. Even if a recent breakup with a girl turns him into a nervous wreck, he picks himself up afterward and shows up again as if nothing happened. Larry is that friend who will trip all over his own feet to help out, even if everyone else believes he'll most likely mess up and make things worse.

Larry is an artist. He can make clocks in The Thinker's image - and they're so good that they don't even look like clocks at first glance. Back in elementary school, he showed aptitude for paper crafting, besting Miles Edgeworth of all people at it. Larry was also the erstwhile apprentice of Elise Deauxnim, famous in the children's book industry, even assuming the pseudonym "Laurice Deauxnim" while honing his drawing skills. He got better in the end anyway, before deciding to play the Steel Samurai at a live show for a while.

Clumsiness aside, he may actually show some acting potential; Edgeworth himself admitted that he was "moved" by Larry's performance as the Steel Samurai, although the prosecutor had no idea who was under the mask at that time.

He can be pretty good with kids, too.

Alignment: Elios. There is the obvious reason that he's such a hopeless romantic and is always searching for love, but the not-so-obvious reason is his loyalty to his friends and willingness to help them in any way he can. This is platonic love, and Larry has a lot of it; whether his actions toward this end truly turn out to be helpful or not is another story, though.

Other: He'll be coming in with a sketchpad, probs.


General Sample: Here!

Emotion Sample: Here!

Questions: Nada!


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