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Player Information

Name: Auste
Age: 23
AIM SN: truthstealer
email: psycholocked [at] gmail [dot] com
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Character Information

Canon Source: Ace Attorney
Canon Format: Video game
Character's Name: Larry Butz
Character's Age: 25 in canon, 27 from import

What form will your character's NV take? His NV looks like the Steel Samurai (, complete with Samurai Spear, which is the stylus. It can be mistaken for a figurine from afar, but the control buttons are generally pretty obvious. The NV is as big as his hand.

Character's Canon Abilities: Larry is 100% human, and has no notable powers to speak of, unless you count his uncanny ability to get into trouble whenever he appears, which should be counted as a supernatural power.

Kidding aside, though often deemed a nuisance by his peers, Larry does try to do whatever he can to help his friends (although he'll get discouraged easily when he gets the vibe that they don't want him around - and that vibe is not uncommon considering his track record). His unwavering loyalty and persistence are assets...and sometimes, causes of his downfall. Even if a recent breakup with a girl turns him into a nervous wreck, he picks himself up afterward and shows up again as if nothing happened. Larry is that friend who will trip all over his own feet to help out, even if everyone else believes he'll most likely mess up and make things worse.

Talent-wise, Larry is an artist. He can make clocks in The Thinker's image - and they're so good that they don't even look like clocks at first glance. Back in elementary school, he showed aptitude for paper crafting, besting Miles Edgeworth of all people at it. Larry was also the erstwhile apprentice of Elise Deauxnim, famous in the children's book industry, even assuming the pseudonym "Laurice Deauxnim" while honing his drawing skills. He got better in the end anyway, before deciding to play the Steel Samurai at a live show.

Clumsiness aside, he may actually show some acting potential; Edgeworth himself admitted that he was "moved" by Larry's performance as the Steel Samurai, although the prosecutor had no idea who was under the mask at that time.

He can be pretty good with kids, too.

If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? The power of forgetting. Touching a person's forehead will temporarily erase one specific, recent memory (like where someone left their car keys), although it will return after a few moments. In its weak, raw form, Larry can't choose which memory to target (although usually it will be a memory created within Siren's Port) . But if he discovers this ability and trains properly, he can learn how to pinpoint which memory he will take, and take it away for a longer time - perhaps for days or even weeks. And in a more advanced form, this ability can affect more significant memories, such as personal experiences and relationships with others. However, he can never permanently erase a memory.

NOTE: He will also retain the contract he made with Kyubey last time, so he can still transform into a Puella - or rather, a Puer Magi. A magical boy, if you will.

Weapons: When he transforms into a Puer Magi, Larry wields an orange and silver halberd that is longer than he is tall (Larry is close to 5'10" but not quite there), with a large ax blade. But when he is his usual self, he does not have the halberd anywhere on his person.

Character History: The earliest point in time we see Larry is in a flashback of one of Phoenix Wright's memories. Phoenix, Larry and Miles Edgeworth were classmates in elementary school. In the fourth grade, Phoenix was accused of stealing a student's lunch money, and in their class trial, it seemed that everyone was convinced that he did it. However, Miles - the victim - objected and pointed out that there was no definite evidence to blame Phoenix for the theft. Larry quickly agreed, and after Phoenix was exonerated, the three boys became friends. In fact, Phoenix named Miles and Larry his inspirations for becoming a defense attorney. However, after the DL-6 incident, which cost Miles his father, he moved away, presumably leaving Larry and Phoenix behind. Nothing is known about Larry in the time between the classroom trial and The First Turnabout, Phoenix's first case, although from time to time, he claims that he finished junior high. It is not known why he only finished up to that, though; that is best left to the realm of speculation.

Fifteen years later, Larry was on the chopping block as the prime suspect in the murder of his erstwhile girlfriend, Cindy Stone. Phoenix, who had finally become a lawyer but had yet to take on a case, stepped up (with help from mentor Mia Fey, of course) to defend his friend. The trial ended in favor of the defense, and Larry's name was cleared. In return, Larry gave Phoenix a clock - but not just any clock. It was a clock he had made to look like The Thinker, which would later on become the deadly weapon in Phoenix's second case.

Months later, Miles sat in the defendant's chair with murder charges against him, and Phoenix chose to become his attorney. At that time, Larry was working as a seller of Samurai Dogs at Gourd Lake - and of course, had another girlfriend. According to him, on the night of the shooting, he had encountered a problem while inflating a Steel Samurai doll, and it was propelled into Gourd Lake with a loud bang that had been mistaken for a gunshot. His testimony helped establish the fact that there had been more than one gunshot, casting further doubt on the prosecution's case. Later on, Larry helped Phoenix tell the story of how they knew Miles to Maya Fey, which was when the classroom trial was first revealed. In the end, the three childhood friends were "reunited", and the shadow of the case, as well as the related DL-6 incident which took Miles away from Phoenix and Larry, was dissipated. Plus, Larry confessed to a crime he committed a long time ago - he was the culprit responsible for taking Miles' lunch money, and paid him back after Phoenix's victory.

Phoenix and Larry crossed paths again about two years later while the former was working on the Mask*DeMasque case. Larry was working at KB Security then, and claimed to have seen the defendant, Ron DeLite, in the building at the time of Mask*DeMasque's latest heist and the murder; he even had evidence in the form of Ron's wallet and key card. However, he also admitted to not being at his post during his shift - because of, as usual, another girl. Only this one happened to be taken, and his boyfriend taught Larry a lesson he would never forget...for a little while. Larry was pretty ashamed of this, though.

Larry tried his luck next as an artist under the tutelage of famed children's book illustrator Elise Deauxnim, and tagged along with her to Hazakura Temple, taking pride in his "talent". There, Larry not only ran into Phoenix, Maya and Pearl Fey, but also Iris, the beautiful and gentle nun who became his next love interest. He went as far as to write a blackmail letter just to meet with her, which only scared her so much that she (supposedly) never left her room, even as Elise was killed.

At that time, lightning struck the bridge over Eagle River, setting it on fire. When Phoenix crossed the wreckage to get to Maya, who was undergoing her spirit medium training on the other side, he fell into the river. Larry failed to catch him in time, and went to get help. After Phoenix was rushed to the hospital, Larry called up Miles, who would stand in Phoenix's place as Iris' defense attorney - and who would discover Larry's "blackmail" letter (and scold him for improper letter writing). However, there was one thing Larry would not tell Miles - "something interesting" he had seen on the night of the murder. But when he took the witness stand and faced Miles' cross-examination, he divulged the fantastic sight he had seen - a body flying over the blazing bridge, immortalized in his sketchpad. Not only that, he had also found the bloody crystal that was once part of Elise's staff, which was beside the bridge instead of at the courtyard - the perceived scene of the crime.

Larry even took Pearl into the shack he had turned into a makeshift art studio, shielding her from Phoenix's prying, as she fearfully harbored a secret that could make or break the current case. Unlike many people, who are exasperated by Larry's futile attempts to make himself useful, Pearl actually appreciated him and his proposal that they would stay in a worn-down shack and have stale potatoes.

During the second trial, Phoenix revealed that because Larry had been lying on his back when the lightning storm occurred, his drawing was upside-down, and the body - Elise Deauxnim's body - was originally on the other side of the river, and was transported via one of the support wires. The pendulum plan had worked - and became the key to further unlocking the case. Though his theory seemed ludicrous at first, it soon made sense once Phoenix figured out why Larry had drawn it that way and believed that his friend wouldn't sketch a complete lie.

During a show at the Allebahst Embassy about a month after, Larry found work as the Steel Samurai - or rather, as a Steel Samurai actor. There, he ran into Miles, who was involved in the mystery of Manny Coachen's murder and who was working with others such as Franziska von Karma, Dick Gumshoe, Kay Faraday and Shi-Long Lang. Larry reminded Franziska of her so-called "promise" to pose for his book entitled "Franzy's Whippity Whip Trip" - and needless to say, he was turned down and whipped soundly. In fact, he had been asking her to pose for him ever since the Hazakura Temple case despite all the whipping. Actually, the first time Larry met Miles was while wearing the Steel Samurai costume, and he gave the prosecutor an autograph, and its value rapidly decreased once Miles found out who the Steel Samurai really was. But Larry didn't seem to be affected at all when Miles berated him for getting into another sticky situation and for being the Steel Samurai.

Larry was accused of killing Ka-Shi Nou a.k.a. Mask*DeMasque II in the embassy because the weapon found at the scene (though not the actual murder weapon) was the Steel Samurai sword, and because of Larry's suspicious actions, which were once again due to a girl he liked. Mindy, who played the Pink Princess, had caught his eye, and he had wanted to surprise her by climbing down his chimney like Santa Claus. But his plan went awry when a love letter he had sent beforehand ended up in the wrong hands - in Wendy Oldbag's hands. She had subbed for Mindy, and instantly came to the conclusion that she had a stalker. Luckily, Miles was able to prove Larry's innocence - as well as the fact that he does crazy stunts sometimes, such as diving into fountains to retrieve his Iron Infant prop.

However, Larry proved himself by reappearing at a vital moment - just as Miles was backed into a corner by a criminal mastermind. He had finally found the Iron Infant - which, along with its whereabouts, became a vital piece of evidence that gave Miles an advantage. In fact, at first it almost seemed like Larry was only jubilant at having found the Iron Infant, but unwittingly helped solidify Miles' accusations against Quercus Alba.

Point in Canon: After Ace Attorney Investigations 1. It was March 15, 2019 when Miles Edgeworth finally exposed Quercus Alba for who he really was, with a little help from pretty much everyone at the embassy that early morning. Larry had remained there after returning to the scene to give his best friend a hand, and yes, the Butz was still in his Steel Samurai costume.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: Larry arrived in Siren's Port in October 2010. After getting off on the wrong foot, getting confused, and wrapping his head around everything, he eventually just decided to settle down, because anyway, he had friends from home with him to feel his pain. Needless to say, considering his impulsive nature and his constant need for female companionship, it does not take him long to get into a few scrapes and troubles such as being swindled by a blind date and taking care of a genetically modified attack cat. He never had a real plan in mind for surviving, except to just live while he's around, have some money to burn, and do whatever he can to lead a normal life.

However, when misfortune and problems befell his friends as well - far more serious events than anything he ever had, Larry decided to step up and figure out his Core-given power, although it took a day of the Core going haywire for him to be absolutely sure that he could erase memories. And of course, he persevered and sought a new job, and a better life for himself, finding a slot in the kitchens of Lion's Gate with his name on it. 

Still, all that was not enough. Larry continued pushing himself as far as he could go, just so he could be useful in many fields, and along the way, he had to admit that he has his weaknesses, like the time he encountered the worse part of himself one night. Eventually, realizing that erasing memories, being a good artist and cooking up a storm was just not enough to make a dent in the chaotic world that is Siren's Port, Larry took a leap of faith and made a contract to become a Puella Magi, only thinking of the friends he has to protect and how he has to do whatever it takes to remain one step ahead of the Port. Needless to say, being Larry Butz, it was difficult for him to remain a step ahead of anyone, or any city.

Character Personality: Larry Butz is hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless. He always has some new girlfriend who would become an ex later on. After all, with his unwavering loyalty, uncontrollable impulse and clumsy naivete, it's most likely very easy to take advantage of him and then leave him behind when he no longer entertains you. And when that happens, he breaks down into a sobbing, ranting mess...and eventually moves on to find a new girl. Then he'll be over the moon with his new woman, think that they have something between them, and the cycle repeats itself as Larry is devastated once more after a temporary fling that had been too temporary for his taste. He's an emotional rollercoaster, raving about something good one moment and then whining about being accused for murder (when he's not). For example, he constantly takes note of his best friends' perceived "good luck" with the ladies; they have young female assistants tagging along with them on their cases, and their escapades as lawyers lets them meet interesting women along the way.

It's not just romantic relationships he goes crazy over. Larry will trip all over his own feet to follow his friends and do whatever it takes to help them, although it takes one slip of the tongue or a misinterpretation of something you just said for him to start asking if you really are friends with him. But he strives to do his best - even when he knows that trouble is close by (and usually he doesn't). However, he can be very hesitant to divulge important information due to various reasons - others may not believe him, or it's just too embarrassing and may cost him dearly. Sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion - or even spiritual magic - to get him to just talk when he's put on the hot seat. Or, perhaps he just forgets that easily.

His boyish nature contributes greatly to his extreme moods; he's a bit of a klutz who leaps before looking and is quick to jump to conclusions. It can take a while to get used to his train of thought, which is prone not only to derailment but also to insane turns that only he can make - and is powered by the insatiable desire to prove himself a reliable asset to anyone's circle of friends, or perhaps to show that he is a boyfriend worth keeping. It sounds like an ordinary driving force...until you find out that Larry has once tried to get a girl's attention by writing her a fake blackmail letter, and even forgot to add a salutation. In short, when he sees something - or someone - he likes, he is very determined to reach the finish line, even if he does use unconventional (but legal and well-meaning?) methods. And yet...that doesn't stop him from being prone to bouts of spacing out and general cluelessness. Maybe he shouldn't have stopped at graduating from junior high.

But he's still proud of that fact and the things he can do (or thinks he can do). Though he'll rant about how he really IS a walking contradiction every now and again, it doesn't take long for him to pick himself up again and continue on his merry way, especially when he realizes that though his friends may seem distant at times and even unreasonable (though most of the time they don't mean to and are just being realistic, because Larry's way of thinking tends to deviate from the realistic), they're still around for him, whether they mean to or not.

Small wonder, then, that ever since they were kids, "when something smells, it's always the Butz". Phoenix and Miles know it like a personal mantra and know enough to steer away from the source of trouble (even if he finds them anyway) - or to steer the source away from the trouble. But trouble or no trouble, Larry hardly changes, and remains always the cheerful but somewhat oblivious man eager to put a smile on anyone's face, and who just wants to be loved - or at least, appreciated.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: Larry has become responsible over those last two years - unfortunately, in an irresponsible way. He remains impulsive as ever, prone to acting on his emotions than thinking things through, although he has channeled his impulses into higher, loftier goals. His loyalty to his friends has become a strong wish to protect them from all the possible harm that can come to them in a strange world, now that he knows it is possible for him to find means to that end, and more than possible for anything to happen to anyone. But he still just takes whatever he can find without a second thought or looking back, hence why he jumped at the opportunity to become a Puella Magi to gain powers that would help him help others. Dabbling in magic has made him braver, yet also more reckless, and prouder of what he has done. Unfortunately, he tends to overlook the darker side of protecting others - how there are more problems and bad guys in this world than he could take on, how despite his power he really can't save everything and everyone. Larry has become more idealistic than ever, clinging to the belief that he can always set things right now that he has something powerful within himself.

Having embraced his position at Lion's Gate, Larry became determined to keep it, as with many of his achievements and milestones. He worked much harder after knowing what it was like to be truly good at something, and to be respected and admired for it and more, but remained as chipper and as resilient as ever. While he does have more pride in himself now, he manages to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and so far hasn't let all the success get to his head.

Because of his new ideals and goals, dating became less of a priority with him, although he is still known to chase the odd woman every now and again. What good are all these new developments without a beautiful woman on your arm to share them with?

Character Plans: I'm apping him back here so he can be around for the endgame, and Mia and Diego's wedding. I also want him to meet old friends and make new ones, and see how he deals with upcoming events leading up to the conclusion. And admittedly, his story in the Port just isn't over after all.


Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The transmission starts rolling, and a young man with somewhat tousled hair and clad in what looks like a samurai costume appears. When he speaks, he gestures offhandedly with the mask in his hand. It's difficult to take him seriously like this, but he looks pretty serious. Or at least, he is trying to look that way.]

Okay, before you load me onto the welcome wagon with everyone else, I've been here before. [He shrugs.] Don't ask me how or why, I just was! And I'm gonna prove it!

[He purses his lips, deep in thought, and crosses his arms.]

I'm Larry Butz, and I've been dragged into a city called Siren's Port, and we're like, in Canada. And there're two companies that are duking it out - are they still at it? And of course, the Core's there, it gives us powers and yanks us all here...

See? I was here for more than two years before the Core took me back home! Then it changed its mind. So I'm back. Yeah. Yeeeeeaaaah. [He nods.] Bet it's gonna be crazier the second time 'round. Man.

Third Person Sample

Larry looked into the mirror. He ran a hand through his hair, leaned closer, and squinted at his reflection. Everything was in place - white collared shirt, black necktie, orange jacket, white trousers, brown shoes polished to a shine...

He reached up to adjust his necktie, tugging at it like a little boy. Frowning thoughtfully, he scrutinized his reflection again. Maybe he should have relearned how to tie a cravat like he had done the last time he was at the Port, but he had to admit, it was tedious, knotting that thing and making sure it looked proper. As he brought his hands away from his tie, he sighed, clearly still not satisfied with his appearance. Sure, he was neat, and tidy, and no longer wearing an artist's smock spattered with paint, but there seemed to be something missing. Something more than just cleaning up and donning a suit. 

Maybe it wasn't a real suit, like a businessman or a lawyer would wear, but it was passable. However, passable wasn't enough for this particular date. It was special. Granted, Larry thought almost every woman he met and dated was special, but this was a different kind of special. Then again, all his previous love interests were also special in different ways...

No, no, he had to be a real, true gentleman. And at the same time, he didn't want to come off as a stuffy old coot. He decided to start another staring contest with the other Larry in the mirror, staring right back the exact same way. Both of them kept it up until their eyes began to water, and at last, the real Larry snapped his fingers, and his double followed suit.

"Hey, yeah!" 

Larry crossed his room to his dresser, and picked up the white fedora hat that had been sitting on top of it. 

Nothing like a cool hat to add a little extra class.


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